We need qualified officials to join us in Glendale for the 2021 Festival Fiesta Classic. You may register as an official for this event on Please, read this information sheet carefully.


1. Go to the AES website at  
2. Establish and AES account (if you don't already have one).
3.     Filter on "AAU" and "Arizona"
4. Select "2021 Festival Fiesta Classic" from the list.
5. Check "register."
6. Scroll to the bottom and click "Submit."
7.     If you don't have an AAU Membership, click HERE to sign up for $16.
8.     If you don't have a RefPay account, establish one at
9. Let us know what pizza you like HERE for the Officials' Meeting Feb. 12
11. Download the complete Officials' Information Sheet.


Join us for our annual pizza party on Friday, February 12 at 6:30 PM. We plan to hold the meeting at an outdoor location at State Farm Stadium. This is held in conjunction with Officials Check-In and the Mandatory Meeting. Failure to attend this meeting could result in removal from Saturday's schedule. If you will not be able to arrive in time for the meeting, please inform Kevin Kennedy (940-390-7470, so that other check-in arrangements can be made.


We plan to have 60 total courts: 28 at the University of Phoenix Stadium, 18 at the Phoenix Convention Center, 6 at Salvation Army Kroc Center, and 6 at Avondale ASC. You must have access to transportation as you may not work at the Stadium every day.


If you plan to carpool with another referee during the tournament, please let me know ASAP.  If you don’t let me know within a week of the tournament, I can’t go back and make schedule changes.  


Officials will be issued a parking pass at our Friday night meeting that can be used for the Red North Preferred lot at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Limited parking passes will be available for those working at the Phoenix Convention Center. The other playing sites all have free parking. 


We plan to provide 2 long sleeve dri-fit shirts or similar apparel. You may wear your USAV uniform while officiating, however please DO NOT wear your USAV patch as this is an AAU licensed event.

We look forward to a great event in Glendale for the 2021 Festival Fiesta Classic. Travel safely.