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February 15, 2015

Dear Athletic Trainer,

The Athletic Trainer Internship Program at the Volleyball Festival provides an excellent opportunity for student and certified athletic trainers to get hands-on experience in the field of athletic training. With over 500 teams from throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico to name a few, the tournament provides a multitude of educational experiences. A staff of approximately 20 student and 10 certified athletic trainers are supervised by an outstanding group of and additional 5 senior staff certified athletic trainers. There are opportunities to learn from these professionals with their wide range of experience in the field of athletic training. In addition we have an outstanding group of physicians, on site, who provide both medical care to the athletes and education to our staff. Please note that priority hiring is given first to returning members of previous festivals staff and to those who are available for the entire tournament with no scheduling conflicts.

The Volleyball Festival competition will be held June 25-28, 2015 (Welcome Reception/Opening Ceremonies) in Phoenix, Arizona at the Convention Center. Please note you will arrive prior to the 25 for meetings and practice coverage as needed. See full schedule below.


Tuesday, Jun 23

  • Set up 9am - 2 pm for a small group of staff (by selection).
  • Practice coverage in PM (by selection)
  • Educational seminar TBD (optional)

Wednesday, June 24

  • Mandatory meeting 9am - 1pm
  • Practice coverage in AM (by selection)
  •  Mandatory opening ceremonies in PM

Thursday, June 25

  • Tournament competition 8am - 11pm or end of play
  • Work 6am to 6pm OR 11 am to 11pm (approximately) depends on end of play

Friday, June 26  - Sunday June 28

  • Tournament competition 8am - 11pm or end of play
  • Work 6am to 6pm OR 11 am to 11pm (approximately) depends on end of play

Saturday, June 27

  • Competition 8am - 4pm
  • Finals Noon - 10pm
  • Work 6am - 11am or 11am - 4pm or cover specific championship games

Sunday, June 28

  • Work shifts of 6am to NOON OR Noon to 6pm or end of play
  • Packing and Tear down 6pm - 9pm or until finished.

Student interns must be enrolled in a CAATE Accredited Program and be current in Health Care Provider CPR at the time of the Festival.

There are a limited number of positions available for Certified Athletic Trainers and those individuals will be expected to provide mentoring and supervision to the athletic training student interns.

Student interns will be paid a stipend of $400.00 dollars for the tournament and Certified Athletic Trainers are paid $15/hour in their first year as an ATC at the Festival.  In their second year as an ATC at the Festival the pay is $18/hour and after that $20/hour but will be given a maximum of 40 hours for the tournament in a schedule but could be less depending on play and tournament end time.  Over 40 hours would have to be approved by a VF AT Senior Staff supervisor.  Meals are provided for both athletic training students and interns while working.  If needed, Housing, is provided at no cost with the following understanding:

  • Students will be placed in double/ triple or  quad occupancy as space and rooms dictate
  • Students may request specific roommates and we will try to accommodate but no guarantee’s can be made
  • Certified Athletic Trainer’s will be placed  in double occupancy unless request roommates of up to 4 in a room

All hotels are adjacent to the Convention Center are full service hotels and within walking distance of the hotel.  Housing will begin Wednesday June 25 and can be provided until the morning of June 30.  If you are selected to work the practices and/or set up on Tuesday. June 24, your housing can start Tuesday, June 24.  Please note that student and certified athletic trainers are responsible for their own transportation costs to Phoenix, AZ.

Athletic training student interns will be given a daily work schedule which will be determined based on coverage needs and you will be given a work schedule at the orientation meeting however this can be and maybe adjusted as needed by tournament play and flow, additionally you are expected to attend the staff meeting and help with opening ceremonies as part of your stipend.  Sunday, June 29 is the last day and play is over by approximately 6 pm. On that day we are usually finished packing by approximately 9 pm.  We have flexibility in scheduling for the last day so it is no problem for people to being departing in the afternoon of this day but you are also encouraged to schedule your departures for late afternoon but you can stay in hotel thru, Monday, June 30, 2014 for checkout.

As an added bonus each year we try to do an optional education seminar before or during the tournament.  However at this time we do not know what the topic or if one will be offered.  If offered there will be CEU’s available for certified athletic trainers and an update will be provided to all accepted staff via email.

Applications are due March 18, 2015. Please complete the application HERE. Please note: the application must be completed in ONE SESSION. You will need the information from your resume and the names and phone numbers of 3 references.

Final Acceptance decisions will be made by April 15.

Once accepted, athletic trainers will be sent a form in which you will submit your request for housing needs, including any roommate requests and will also be asked for any other necessary information that we may need not provided on the application, please note athletic training student interns’ schedules need to be flexible throughout the event.  Please note you housing needs and roommate requests information will have to be provided very quickly once contacted of your acceptance.

To apply, click on the link provided above or HERE to complete the online application which will be automatically submitted to me and reviewed. Again, the application needs to be completed in ONE SITTING and you will need information that is commonly found on a resume including the names and phone numbers of 3 references.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need additional information.     

I look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Eric J. Fuchs, ATC, EMT-B

Volleyball Festival Director of Sports Medicine 

Moberly Buildg Rm 109

Dept of Exercise & Sport Science

521 Lancaster Ave. 

Richmond, KY 40475 

859 582 3042 cell

859 622 1254 fax