Wild Pepper Sports (Lead Sponsor)


Wild Pepper brings style to your spirit and sparkle to your game with our outrageous line of jerseys, shorts, socks, bags and more! Celebrate your individuality with colors, patterns and runway-inspired details that will make you feel as fantastic as you look. 

Be sure to come see Big Pinky, parked right in Lower Level Playing area in the Phoenix Convention Center. Big Pinky is our traveling road show of fun, color, glitter and light. You can’t miss her—she’s big, bright, all wrapped up in pink and silver, and filled with goodies.

Wild Pepper is team spirit, redefined. Come join the party!


CaptainU provides online profiles and player profile books for college coaches

At Festival Sports events, CaptainU will provide player profile books for college coaches and free access to their online software to help all attending athletes maximize their exposure at the upcoming event to college coaches. Click on the links below to get setup for the event:


Have questions? Contact: help@captainU.com

SnapSports (Official Court)


SnapSports has been, engineering, manufacturing and providing the world's leading outdoor multi-courts, volleyball courts and modular sport surfaces for nearly four decades. As the pioneers of the modular sports surfacing and outdoor multi-court industries you play on today, the family at SnapSports continues to develop the most advanced, multi-patented, modular sport surfacing and outdoor multi-courts for top athletes the world over. With unparalleled experience and a high performance product line, SnapSports is the industry's undisputed champion.

The Core Institute

Core Institute

The Center for Orthopedic Research and Education, called the Core Institute, has partnered with the Volleyball Festival's Sports Medicine team to provide expert, on-site medical coverage to the over 6,000 participating athletes.

The Core Institute began practicing in 2005 to fulfill a vision of orthopedic excellence encompassing the entire spectrum of orthopedic sciences.  Consistent with their mission, they deliver orthopedic surgical care, one patient at a time.  Their elite team of physicians continues to pioneer research that advances orthopedic knowledge so that they may provide excellence in medical care.

Game Ready

Game Ready

Game Ready® is not your typical cold and compression therapy. Using innovative ACCEL® technology, Game Ready enables the simultaneous circulation of ice water and active pneumatic compression through anatomically specific wraps, uniquely integrating proven cold and compression therapies in a dual-action treatment system that sets a new standard of care in injury and post-op recovery. That is, Game Ready helps speed and enhance the body’s natural repair mechanisms and get athletes back into action.

National Scouting Report

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NSR's program is unsurpassed for prospective student-athletes who want the best chance for college exposure. We are the most influential and successful scouting company in history. We have been for 30+ years. Many companies have come and gone in those three decades. We know our clients. We take care of our clients. And, we understand every step and misstep which could conceivably be made by prospects and their parents. NSR Scouts will be onsite at the Festival conducting free evaluations and training session. Look HERE for times and location.